Drink Fridges in 2018 Buying Guide & Review

In warm days it is very important to keep your drinks fresh and cold, isn’t it? The best way to do that, in my opinion is to useCold Beer and Happy Man drink fridges.

Drinks fridges or beverage coolers as some people are saying are usually smaller versions of fridges with only one goal to keep drinks cold. There are many type of them and we are going to write review in depth about each of them.

Great thing about these type of the fridges is, they are cheaper than common fridges and they are usually smaller so they can fit all around your home.

I recommend to dive into 15 best drinks fridges and beverage coolers in 2018. To make things simple we decided to divide these fridges into 3 different price ranges:

  • Drink fridges from 0 – 200$
  • Drink fridges from 200$ – 500$
  • Drink fridges over 500$

Now, when you know your budget let’s get into it.

Drink Fridges Under 200$

NameBuilt InCapacityAdvantagePrice
MCAR320B2No3.2 cu. ftFast coolingCHECK PRICE
DBC120BLSNo120 cansHuge capacityCHECK PRICE
Danby DAR026ANo90 cansNice designCHECK PRICE
Whynter BR-091WSNo90 cansSatisfied customersCHECK PRICE
EdgeStar BWC70SSNo62 cansGreat brandCHECK PRICE

1. Magic Chef MCAR320B2

Our first pick in this category is MCAR320B2 by Magic Chef. Magic Chef is well known brand in area of home appliances and this is their most popular fridge.Magic Chef Mini Fridge

The thing that I really like about this fridge is modern design. Currently available in two different colors black and stainless. This fridge belongs to compact category with size of 3.2 cu. ft. This size is great for smaller household but it goes well in office and garage.

Interior design is stunning feature of this product. There are different shelves that allows you to cold down various types of beverages from small cans to huge bottles.

Magic Chef developed great technology and there is no chance for frosting drinks. Adjustable temperature thermostat allows you to keep your drinks on the temperature you like very easy.

In price up to 200$ this fridge is in our opinion best but of course it has some flaws. First of all, you should be aware that this is smaller fridge but in this price range you should expect that. Thing that people most complain about this fridge is noise. We established that most of the customers did not set it properly. Usually they don’t put it on flat surface and that causes the problems. There is great review on WikiHow that explains how to level fridge and I recommend you to check it.

The best characteristic of this drink fridge is fast cooling. Some fridges cannot cool beverages quickly and some of them, which is even worse, cannot manage to keep cold fridge full of drinks.With this fridge you do not need to worry about that. According to customer quality of this fridge is extraordinary and everything works as described without any bigger flaws.

  • Great value of price and quality
  • Great external and internal design
  • Very fast cooling
  • Different types of shelves and holders
  • Adjustable and accurate thermostat
  • Smaller fridge
  • It makes noise if it is not level

2. Danby DBC120BLS- Display Drink Fridge

Second place of under 200$ list took an amazing drink fridge from Danby. This fridge is one of the best sellers and there are Danby 120 Can Beverage coolermany features that justify it which we will present you right now.

If you are looking for high capacity beverage cooler on tight budget than this one is great solution for you. It has capacity of 120 cans which is more than enough.

Design is great as well with huge glass on front door makes it really cool and it do not look as ordinary fridge. On the bottom of the front door is located lock which is huge benefit especially if you have kids.

There is mechanical thermostat as well that allows you to control temperature in range of 43°F to 57°F. Another great thing is interior light that makes this fridge looks very interesting at night.

Although, this fridge is in overall good there are few consideration you need to know. First of all, it is not suited for bottles larger than 1 liter, it works best with cans and regular beer bottles. Some customers are complaining about coldness this fridge can make. Most of the people are satisfied but if you like your beverages really cold and you usually keep fridge full then you could be disappointed because you will need to spend more money to get that. Overall, this fridge is good choice for regular users who seeks larger capacity for good price.  

Thing that I really like about this product are customer reviews which approves this fridge is great. Thousands of people bought it already and most of them are satisfied. If you are looking for classic fridge without some special functions for good price I highly recommend you to check this one closer.

  • Nice design and strong housing
  • Lock available
  • Great for beginners and regular users
  • Internal lights
  • Huge capacity
  • Tempered glass and aluminum frame
  • Lack of some special functions
  • Not suitable for high demand users
  • It is not suitable for very low beverage temperature cooling.

3. Danby DAR026A1BDD- Can keep drinks very cold

Danby is company that produces high quality fridges and this is one of their most popular products. It belongs to category of Danby Small Fridgeaffordable and small fridges with interesting features.

As I said this fridge belongs to category of small fridges and it has limited capacity and size is only 2.6 cu. ft. which is not so great for large storage. Although it is small, interior is very well organized and this design I found as best in 200$ category.

Thing about design that amazes me the most is the door. In the door you can store 8 cans, 2 small bottles and one big bottle. Most of the small fridges cannot store huge bottles and if they can it takes a lot of space but with this design Danby avoided that.

Many fridges has flaw in temperature range an keeping drinks cold. In this case with such a size and built quality is quite opposite. One of the best things about this fridge is not only stable temperature yet various temperature options that allows you to control temperature very precisely.

The only and biggest consideration of this device is in my opinion size. Size plays a huge role for most of the buyers and this fridge cannot offer you a big storage. Still, it can store a lot of drinks and usually it fits for small families or ordinary buyers but if you have higher demands I would not recommend it.

EDIT: There are different sizes now but prices are different as well so some of them are maybe over 200$   

  • Great interior design with various shelves and holders
  • Stable and precise temperature
  • Frost free
  • Compact and fits almost everywhere
  • Great price and recommended by Amazon
  • Smaller size
  • Only standard functions

4. Whynter BR-091WS- Can Cooler

If you usually drink beverages from can than you should carefully check this fridge.whytner can cooler

Capacity is 2.5 cu. ft is smaller than most of the drinks fridges but in this case it is not huge flaw. Usually, I do not recommend smaller fridges but in this case I will. Reason for that is capacity of 90 cans which is pretty enough even for smaller party.

Tempered glass on the front doors are great thing in aspect of design and with quality protects your drink from outside temperature. On the bottom of the door there is also lock so if you need to lock up your fridge it is more than important feature.

You can control temperature between 30°F and 60°F which is very wide range for one drink fridge. Because it is only can cooler you do not need to worry about question like “Can it cool down my drinks?”. To make it even better there is fan on top of the fridge which circulate temperature and make it even in every part of the fridge.

Be aware that this fridge is actually a can cooler. This can be viewed as an advantage but it can be viewed as consideration as well. There are not bigger flaws in terms of cooling and reason for that is probably easy job of product itself. It only cool down cans and it is smaller so it is not so versatile. Some people complains about glass sweating but that is common for every fridge and I do not find it as a flaw of this particular product.   

Overall, this products seems great for those who are looking for can cooler. Also, if you are looking for white fridge this is great choice because many customers are satisfied with design. Great fridge with great quality often claimed as the coldest beer fridge.

  • High quality product
  • Internal fan forced air-cooling system
  • Tempered glass with cylinder lock.
  • Wide temperature range
  • Great customer reviews
  • Only can cooler
  • Available in white color only

5. EdgeStar BWC70SS Beverage Cooler

EdgeStar is one of the most popular brand when it comes to beverage coolers with various models for every pocket.EdgeStar Cheap Beverage Cooler

This fridge is simple and small and it belongs to the cheapest fridges in this article. If I needed to describe this product in one sentence it would be “It does the job” and here is reason why.

First of all, this fridge is absolutely reliable and you can be sure that this boy right here will keep every drink cold even when is full. Quality is very good wit double paned glass door there is no chance for any outside influence.

Mechanical thermostat on the back of the fridge allows you to control temperature in range of 30 °F to 50 °F. Shelves are easily adjustable and you can adjust it how you want. It is great especially when you change your drinks often. Capacity vary depending on your drinks for instance you can store 62 standard cans or 32 – 20 oz. bottles.

This product is great choice for users that just want to keep their drinks fresh. To be honest, there are not any special functions but price is because of that more affordable than other fridges. Some users complains about product quality and if you like your beverage ice cold you might not be satisfied. This device looks pretty cool especially in office and that is where I recommend it. If you are on a tight budget this is great fridge because of glass and temperature that cannot go down too much which makes it great when is used by multiple people.
  • Nice design
  • Great brand quality
  • Affordable price
  • Double paned glass
  • Great for sharing with multiple person.
  • Questionable lower temperature
  • Smaller capacity
  • It is ordinary beverage cooler

Drink fridges from 200$ to 500$

NameBuilt InLockAdvantagePrice
Kalamera CoolerYesYesInnovative ACTCHECK PRICE
Edge Star CBR901SGYesYesFrost FreeCHECK PRICE
Phiestina CBR100NoNoExtraordinary DesignCHECK PRICE
Koldfront Wine CoolerYesNoWine CoolerCHECK PRICE
NewAir CoolerNoYesLow Energy ConsumerCHECK PRICE

1.  Kalamera Beverage Cooler with Glass Door

Definitely the best drink fridge in price range of 200$-500$ is this right there, from Kalamara.Kalamera Beverage Cooler

There are several reasons for that but main of them are quality of product and great customer reviews.

In previous category we had several good fridges but this price range allows us to find and suggest you even better fridges with some better functions and features.

First and maybe the most important feature of this beverage cooler is its great design. Both interior and exterior are modern and functional with easy-to-use buttons with LCD display. Because of stainless steel door edges and strong glass this fridge fits nicely to every kitchen and house making them modern and luxury.

Kalamera have innovative cooling technology and with two internal fans it secures even temperature all around the fridge. Another, great thing that buyers likes is vibration reduction gear that reduces all noise. This vibration reduction gear shown as a real innovation and customers are not complaining about noise which is really rare when it comes to fridges.

Although in this colored window I usually present flaws of the product I could not find any flaw for this one and believe me I tried. There are hundred of customers that are really satisfied and all of their reviews are positive which you can read as well. Only, consideration that can be found is that came dented to some customers but it is not mistake of the manufacturer yet shipping companies but you have money back guarantee so everything is covered. In my opinion this is the best buy fridge on this list with great value of quality and price.

Beside all of these features, this product is easy to use for everybody. There are adjustable shelves that allows you to adjust it for your type of drinks. You can set it up for wine, beer, soda…

It is absolutely reliable and it can cool down on every temperature you want frost free.

  • Modern and elegant design that fits to any decor
  • Innovative air cooling technology and vibration reduction gear
  • Cylinder lock
  • Different options for cooling available on LCD display
  • Temperature memory function
  • There is no any consideration

2. EdgeStar CBR901SG- Built in Beverage Cooler

In case you are looking for a built in beverage cooler than this product might drag your attention.EdgeStar CBR901SG built in

Many of the fridges on this list has a built in function but non of them is good and reliable as EdgeStar CBR901SG. I need to clear something out, although this is classic built in fridge it can be freestanding as well so you should read this review in both cases.

EdgeStar as you might notice from previous category make great products and they have many customers already. All of their technology and innovations are carried and brought to this fridge which makes it one of the best sellers.

First of all features I want to clarify is air cooling system. Air cooling system of this fridge works very well and it is definitely its best feature. It cools down beverages fast and keep that temperature as you set. Different drinks have different frosting temperature but with this fridge is no longer your concern because of smart frost free technology. There is a quiet fan inside which provides even temperature.

Tempered glass and strong aluminum door with built in lock provides you nice design and reliable temperature isolation.

It belongs to slim refrigerators and it is 15 inches wide. This is standard when it comes to built in fridges and it can store more than enough beverage for one household.

This product in overall is more than good but anyway I have few consideration. In my opinion they kept design very simple and there is nothing new than most of their other models. Surely, it will is doing the job perfectly but with some modification on exterior especially on the bottom it will be even better. With small modification they can cover up those fans and it would look better. Also, I would go with brighter stainless. Those are minor things, design thing and they only reflect my opinion. The most important thing is quality and that is the big advantage of this fridge.
  • Digital thermostat
  • Cylinder lock
  • Great built in drink fridge
  • Intelligent frost free technology
  • Works very quietly
  • Design is ordinary and similar to other fridges

3. Phiestina PH-CBR100

Phiestina PH-CBR100 is another really interesting product in 200 to 500 bucks price range. It is quite popular in the last timePhiestina Glassdoor Drink Fridge with some remarkable features.

Thing that I like about this fridge is nice and modern design with lower price than previous two models but still good and satisfying features for most of the users.

It is classic glass door beverage cooler with stainless frame. If you look out the pictures you can noticed digital thermostat that allows you to precisely control temperature in range from 38°F to 50°F.

In my opinion it has better design than first and second model because on the bottom there is no fan. Inside the fridge are 6 shelves for cans and bottles. Yeah, main purpose of this fridge is storage of cans and bottles up to 0.5 l.

In overall this product can be described as you get what you paid for. This fridge is mostly suitable for regular users that does not require “near frosting” temperature yet classic beverage cooler that keeps your drinks cold. I find it as the biggest consideration of this product. Also, this fridge is not supposed to be built in. If you put it in your kitchen it might not get performances as described. 

Many customers complains on noise when they are writing their reviews but this one does not get any of that kind critics which is more than good. It is because of compressor cooling system which shown as a very successful on this device.

  • Best design in this price range
  • Digital thermostat
  • Good product for great price
  • Satisfying customer reviews
  • Works very quite.
  • Cannot cool down to really low temperatures
  • Not suitable for built in

4. Koldfront 30 Bottle Wine Cooler

This list could not be fulfilled without a good wine cooler because wine is one of the best cold drinks, right. That place took Koldfron Wine Coolerfridge from Koldfront.

It cools down up to 30 standard bottles of wine on temperature of 40 °F  to 65 °F. In most of the cases the 40 °F is not enough but since this is wine cooler you do not need to go any lower.

This fridge is available in black cooler with interesting design especially internal design with lighting. It does not make a huge noise as well because of rubber bushing which absorbs vibration.

Although, this is built in type of fridge it goes as free standing, as well. 6 slide out type of shelves allows you to organize your wine bottles in many ways and easily take any bottle without pulling out another one.

My biggest criticism on this product is in its versatility. Well, it is not as versatile as previous models and it kinda limits you. It works very well as a wine cooler but for other purposes it is not good and it is not suitable for cans and beer bottles.
  • Works well as a both built in and freestanding
  • Storage of 30 bottles of wine
  • Reliable device that fulfills everything as manufacturer described
  • Compressor based cooling
  • Slide out shelves
  • It is not versatile and it is only wine cooler

5. NewAir Freestanding Beverage Cooler

This price range we are going to close with NewAir Freestanding Beverage cooler. This cooler is very unique because it is massive and it has very interesting layout of the shelves. NewAir Freestanding Beverage Cooler

Design itself is very interesting but interesting always is not good. Well, in my opinion this is not really nice design because I do not like massive fridges especially this kind of edges. To be honest this fridge fits to most of the decors and it is one its features.

Shelves are and can be scheduled in the few ways and there is the picture where can be cooled cans, beers, water and wine but I would not recommend it and here is why.

Every of this drinks should be cooled down on different temperature. Cans are usually kept on 34 °F but keeping wine on that temperature might not be the best idea because wine is losing its quality. Although, this fridge is versatile I do not recommend you to mix a lot of different beverages.

Although, some of the people find huge and massive fridges as the good, in my opinion, they are not that good especially if you intend to put it in the kitchen. Another, thing that worries me is the frosting. There is no defrost technology so it could have a problems in that area. Other things works pretty well.

Thing that is really good about this product is customer reviews. There are hundred of customers reviews and thousands of people already owe this fridge. Customer reviews are great source of information and I recommend you to check it if you have some doubts.

  • It is able to keep drinks on low temperature
  • Strong tempered glass
  • Low energy consumer
  • Cylinder lock
  • Design is not good (in my opinion)
  • It has not any special functions so it is really simple fridge

Drinks Fridges Over 500$

NameBuilt In FridgeDual ZoneAdvantagePrice
EdgeStar FrenchYesYesHigh qualityCHECK PRICE
Avallon 24" FridgeYesNoPrecise temperatureCHECK PRICE
NewAir AWB-360YesYesLuxury lookCHECK PRICE
Procool Glass FridgeNoYesHuge capacityCHECK PRICE
EdgeStar VBR240NoNoCommercial fridgeCHECK PRICE

1. EdgeStar French Doors Beverage Cooler

Finally we came to the most expensive and best drink fridges in this post. Our pick of the best drink fridge in this category andEdgeStar French Doors Fridge overall goes to EdgeStar CWB2886FD.

This amazing fridge is french door type of the fridge that has several features. French doors means two separated doors so you can store different beverages. Left cooling zone is intended for wine while the right cooling zone is intended for cans and bottles.

As we said, left cooling zone is intended for wine and it can store about 30 wine bottles. Temperature range for lef cooling zone is 40°F to 65°F which is optimal for wine. Right cooling zone is intended for drinks in the cans and bottles and temperature range is 38°F to 50°F. Temperature is controlled on the touchscreen digital thermostat

Although, this temperature range is quite similar it has huge impact on quality of drinks. Both zones have separated door locks. It is ideal for both freestanding and built in.

In my opinion this product do not have any consideration or flaw. Well, most of the fridges in this price range will not have flaws because price allows as to find really good products from trustworthy brands like EdgeStar. This beverage cooler has everything what you can expect. It can effectively cool down every type of the drinks. In my opinion this is the best beverage cooler on the market.

Although it is a bigger fridge it does not make any noise that can disturb you even if you are sitting right by it. Internal fans makes sure to keep temperature same at every place in the fridge.

  • Dual zone drink fridge
  • Digital touchscreen thermostat
  • Suitable for every drink
  • Works great as a freestanding or as a built in fridge.
  • Great design and quality
  • There is not any consideration

2. Avallon 24 Inches Undercounter Drink Fridge

For those who like classic type of the fridge yet with some better features and quality itself, then this one might interest them.Avallon 24 drink fridge

This beverage cooler is 24 inches wide so it can store huge amount of beverages. Its purpose is keeping cans and beer and it is not suitable for wine.

Quality and reliability are two most important things that stand out. This is high quality products that keeps drinks on desirable temperature with high accuracy.

Although, this fridge is has only one cooling base it is common, for those who needs to keep more drinks, to buy two fridges with right and left hinge so they can make two base fridge and even built it in kitchen.

High quality tempered glass doors will keep your drinks from outside influence of temperature and lock on the bottom of the doors allows you to keep your drinks secure.

I have only one consideration for this product and that is because it is not suitable for wine cooling. On the other hand, great thing is really low temperature without frosting. It fits great in the kitchen, especially big ones where you can built in several of those fridges. Led lights brings new dimension to decor and it really revives the room. It is very quite and works very well so it deserves all recommendation. 

Beside all of these features thing that is really important for this fridge is customer reviews. They are great and almost everyone gave five star rating. I highly recommend you to check them where you can find more images.

  • Accurate and precise temperature
  • High quality product
  • Digital thermostat
  • These fridge can be paired
  • Outstanding interior lightning
  • Not suitable for wine cooling

3. NewAir AWB-360 Dual Zone Built In

This display fridge from NewAir is good choice for those who needs to cool down smaller amount of different beverages with NewAir AWBhigh accurate temperature settings.

Thing that I want to discuss first is capacity. The left cooling zone is intended for cans and bottles and capacity is 60 cans. The right cooling zone is intended for wine where can be stored up to 18 bottles.

This is not huge capacity but price is lower as well and it seems as a great value of price and quality.

Quality of the fridge itself is pretty remarkable and that is one of the thing that I like the most about this product. It can free stand or be built in. Because of nice stainless frame and interior lighting I highly recommend it for grey kitchens.

Temperature of both cooling zone can be set up separately in range from 36°F to 72°F. This wide gap of temperature allows you to find the perfect temperature for every drink.

Only consideration for this product that I found is noise and one customer has been complaining on that. To avoid noise not only for this fridge yet every other you need to set it up correctly on perfectly flat surface and problem should be solved. Because it is compressor cooling system from time to time it need to even the air temperature at every point of the fridge. I do not find it as a huge consideration since only one customer complained on it.

Another thing that is good to know is that this fridge suits in most of the decors and make it luxurious. LED lightning really dominates in the room which makes it perfect undercounter drink fridge.

  • Fits great in every part of your home
  • Suitable for different types of beverages
  • Has a great luxurious look
  • It is both freestanding and built in
  • One customer complained about noise

4. Procool Glass Display Fridge

In case you are looking for high capacity dual zone fridge then this might interest you. Also, it is very unique and we have notProcool Display Fridge any similar fridge to this one so it is definitely worth of checking.

This display fridge is great choice for people who are hard core using. This fridge works best where multiple people are sharing it such as offices, houses that party often…

Quality of this fridge is on the satisfying level and thing that is really great is responsible customer service. They will help you if any issue appear.

It can be used for different type of the drinks and dual zone allows you to control temperature for specific type of drinks as you want.

Although it is huge fridge, it is easily to move it since it has wheels so it is perfect for larger space. Cooling system is very reliable and it works great even on the high tropical temperatures.

Reason why this fridge is fourth in this price range is in its purpose. Well, most of the customers do not need this kind of fridge so demand is not high as other types. It does not suits best for single family homes because you do not need this capacity and it does not fit in decor very well since it is huge. This fridge is great for frequent use by multiple person.
  • Cools beverages well even on high outdoor temperatures
  • High capacity fridge
  • Wheels
  • Defrost technology
  • Great for frequent use
  • It is not suitable for regular home

5. EdgeStar VBR240 Commercial Fridge with Display

For the last fridge on this list we decided to take one commercial fridge and best fridge in that category is EdgeStar VBR240 EdgeStar Commercial Fridgeand you will see why.

Commercial fridges did not found their place on this list because they are not often bought by regular customers but that does not mean they are not good.

EdgeStar is trustworthy brand in field of beverage coolers and this one is their classic high quality product. Capacity of this fridge is high and it can serve more than 30 people so it can be helpful in many occasions.

Temperature can be set in range from 36°F to 43°F which makes it great for cans, bottles and water. Although, it has high capacity and some great features it is not that pricey yet very affordable.

Commercial fridges sometimes has issue to cool down evenly at every point in the fridge but this one does not have that kind of problem since it has powerful compressor-based air cooling system.

Because we are writing article on topic drink fridges generally, commercial fridges cannot take so high place because it does not suits to most of the visitors. It will take you time to adjust perfect temperature so it is not easy to use which is in my opinion one smaller consideration. In contrast, customers love this fridge and they found it great which is encouraging in shopping.
  • One of the best commercial fridges with display on the market
  • Great reviews and satisfied customers
  • Huge capacity
  • Relatively affordable
  • Powerful air cooling system
  • It is not easy to use
  • Not intended for most of the customers

Buyer’s Guide

It is an easy job to buy drink fridge when you know your budget and type you want. In this article are literally presented every type of drink fridge on the market but what I want to point out are some of the important features you should pay attention to.

  • Temperature range: This is one of the most important specification and it represent power of the fridge. Different drinks has different optimal temperatures which you can check here.
  • Design: Every product should be nice and fit to your kitchen, living room or office nicely. To be honest with you guys I cannot recommend best design because it varies for everyone. The thing that I can and I have done is to view design from technical aspect and rate product in that way.
  • Capacity: Before you buy a fridge you should determine approximately amount of drinks you will storage. Once you have I recommend you to buy a slightly bigger fridge. Thing that I do not recommend is to buy a big fridge and do not use at least 70% of the space. It will consume power for no reason.
  • Size: Size is another thing that sometimes customers forget to take in consideration. Plan where you want to put the fridge and check is there enough space.

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