Kids Piano in 2018 [Ultimate Guide]

Definitely, one of the best thing for the kids are pianos. They can play huge role in raising and educating the kid.Kids Piano

But sometime is very hard to determine which kids piano to buy. In the sea of the pianos, customers often do not know what to buy.

Well you should not be worried about it because we will walk you through everything on the market and give you our recommendation.

In this article you will find:

  • Ultimate lists of best kids piano sorted by age with reviews in depth
  • Buyer’s guide in the detail

After reading this article I hope you will find perfect piano for your kid, so let’s get into it.

Note: If you are not familiar with the pianos and musical instruments in general, I recommend you to check buyer’s guide first. There are very useful stuff in reviews too, but guide will give you good foundations to understand reviews better.

Best Kids Piano: 4+ Years Old

RockJam61ElectronicHigh qualityCHECK PRICE
Goplus Grand Piano30Baby Cute designCHECK PRICE
Alesis Melody61ElectronicMany soundsCHECK PRICE
Korg Kids Piano25Digital PianoExtraordinary keysCHECK PRICE
GreenPro61ElectronicLow priceCHECK PRICE

1. RockJam 61-Key Piano

There are many great pianos for 4+ year old kids but the best out of them is this right here from RockJam. Amazing features,RockJam 61Key Piano experience, easy to use and price brings it here, so let’s dive into details.

Thing that catch my eye the most are many functions that allows one kid to try everything. Since this is digital piano there are more than 100 different sounds and rhythms. Even better, all of these sounds, rhythms and demos can be easily controlled and monitored on the LCD display.

This piano comes in few parts such as electronic piano, stand, stool, headphones and power supply. It is easy to assemble and disassemble piano which is great feature if you need more space in the room.

Headphones are great addition to this piano because kid can play it without disturbing other and they can focus on the music if there are other people in the room.

Quality of the keys for kids as a beginner is more than good. It is very easy to get along with the piano since the keys are standard size as most of the pianos.

Sound quality is one of the things that customers find as above average when it comes to this age pianists. Volume is easily controlled and speaker itself is very clear.

Although, there are some good features there are some consideration as well. This piano is very affordable so you should be aware of few things. First of all, this is electronic piano so you will not get an experience like a professional piano. Pianos in this category are good for interesting kid in the music so you should not spend a ton of money till he/she gets into it a little bit serious. 90% of the people find this type of the piano as a good product if you are in those 10% I recommend you to check our number #4 pick from Korg.
  • High quality product
  • Various functions, sounds, rhythms and demos.
  • Great and affordable price
  • Come with many additions
  • One of the best seller kids piano
  • Not for a long term use

2. Goplus Wood Baby Grand Piano

Our second pick in this category goes to Goplus grand piano. This piano is intended for toddlers who are just about to discover Goplus Grand Piano Kidswhat music and what piano actually is.

First thing that I will point out is design and quality. Design of this piano is really nice and although it is small piano it really fits nice into the room. Kids find this as very interesting which is one of the main goals of this piano.

It is made of wood so it gives you a little of a real piano experience. There are only 30 keys but manufacturer put an effort to produce keys that fits best for small kids and they were pretty successful.

Wood on this piano is very smooth and well treated. Edges are curved and they prevent kids to get hurt which is great especially for toddlers.

First of all, this piano is very affordable so it is not made to be used for several years or professional use. Some customers found few considerations and they are related to keys quality, wood quality… Well, it would be a lie if somebody claimed that this product has same quality as a real grand piano but for this price and purpose is more than enough.

Purpose of this piano is to interest kids into music and this design is better choice than some digital piano. Piano fits nicely in every kids room and they will be surely happy with it.   

This product gets awesome customer rating and there are many pictures that proves that and I highly recommend you to check them out.

  • Great baby grand piano
  • Nice design fits perfectly in every room
  • Kids loves this product
  • Price is very affordable
  • Made out of wood
  • Available in two different colors
  • Only 30 keys
  • Kids very fast outgrow this piano

3. Alesis Melody 61 Kids Keyboard

If you are looking for versatile kid piano that can last long and give your kid firm grounds of music knowledge the Alesis Alesis Melody 61Melody 61 might interest you.

This is classic digital kid keyboard with tons of options. Piano comes in few pieces including keyboard, stand, bench, headphones and microphone.

With over 200 different sounds and 128 rhythms everyone can find their favorite sound. Great thing about the keyboard are the lightweight keys. Because it is intended for the kids lightweight keys allows them easier playing.

Design of keyboard is very modern and case is very strong. There are many buttons but it is easy to use even for kids because there is LCD display. Another interesting thing that helps kids a lot is recording mode. With press of the button they can record their music and then compare it to original to check if they made some mistakes.

Most of the customers of this piano very satisfied but there were some consideration. Some of them claimed this is not high quality item and they are probably right. Surely, this piano is not high quality as many are expecting but quality is somewhere 8/10 which is, in my opinion, enough for kids.

Many kids gets bored of piano after several weeks but in this case, many various sounds will make music more interesting for them and they can always experiment with something new.

  • 61 keys which is optional for beginners
  • Many different sounds and rhythms
  • High quality speacers
  • Recording option
  • Lightweight keys which allows smooth playing
  • It takes time to adjust it

4. Korg Kids Digital Piano

This piano from well known brand is great choice for customers who are looking for high quality product.Korg Kids Digital Piano

Korg is one of the most popular brand when it comes to piano and they also built one piano for the little ones. Korg is known for quality and great user experience that uses some of the best musicians.

Piano is made of wood and it is actually digital. There are 50 demo songs built in and 25 sounds. It is powered by AA batteries so it means it is transportable and easy for both adults and kids.

There are 25 keys on this piano and their quality is absolutely outstanding. They are perfectly weighted and they gives kid real piano experience. Also, keys are very strong and they can be used for a very long time and they will be still same as new.

In my opinion this piano has the best quality and user experience in this category but because of the price I put it on forth place. There are only 25 keys and I found it as a little consideration although they are high quality and similar to the keys of a real piano. 

This piano is a little bit pricey but you get what you pay for. With this piano your kid will get used to a grand piano and when they start more serious with playing piano transition will be very easy.

  • High quality piano
  • Keys are almost the same as the regular grand pianos
  • Cute and easy to transport
  • Comes from one of the best piano brands, Korg
  • Great compound of digital piano and grand piano
  • High price
  • Only 25 keys

5. GreenPro Portable Electronic Piano

Here is another great piano for kids and it comes from GreenPro. It is classic digital piano with few unique features that we willGreenPro Portable Electronic Keyboard present your right now.

First relevant feature of this product are sounds and rhythms. There are even 300 sounds and 300 rhythms which is so far the hugest amount on this list.

It does not come with a stool but it does come with a very strong steel construction that will easily hold piano. Unfortunately, it does not come with headphones nor microphone but there are ports which allows you to connect them additionally.

Sound quality of the speakers is actually good and you will not have any problems with that. Also, it is bigger and stronger device so it will not broke easily.

My consideration to this device are the keys. Size of the keys is not the same as the size of the standard pianos so transition might be harder. Also, design is too simple and buttons for the control are smaller and softer but they do the job. Positive thing is the price, which is lower than most of the keyboards with steel stand.
  • 300 different sounds and rhythms
  • Frequently sold product
  • Good quality speakers
  • Low price
  • Size of the keys are not standard
  • Simple design
  • Does not come with headphones and microphone

10+ Years Old Kids Piano

Korg B1SPWeightedDigital PianoPerfect keysCHECK PRICE
Privia PX-160WeightedDigital PianoEasy to useCHECK PRICE
Yamaha YPG-535WeightedElectric KeyboardHigh QualityCHECK PRICE
ONE TOK1BOrdinaryElectric KeyboardLearning softwareCHECK PRICE
Yamaha PSREW400OrdinaryElectric KeyboardSound qualityCHECK PRICE

1. Korg B1SP – Weighted Key Digital Piano

The first in the category of 10+ years old kids piano is amazing and outstanding piano from Korg. There is no need to waste Korg B1SP words on this brand because Korg is the top notch brand when it comes to piano but let’s now check specifications of this one in detail.

Korg B1SP has relatively higher price but it comes with many features. First thing I want to mention is the perfectly weighted keys and high quality keyboard. When it comes to this type of the piano weighted and quality keys are the most important and in that field Korg justified all expectations.

With piano comes also piano stand, 3 pedal board and stool. All of the furniture is made from wood so it feels really natural like a classic upright piano. There are 3 different pedals soft pedal, sustenuto pedal and damper pedal which allows you to produce 3 classic and most used sounds.

As long as I am concerned there is nothing wrong with this piano but the fact is that price is a little bit higher. Well 10+ years old kids needs something more serious and professional so the price goes up. This kind of price is something that you can expect for this type of the piano. Although, the price is higher but it worth every penny.

So, if you are looking for something classic, high quality, recommended by piano teachers look no further more than Korg B1SP.

Good piano must produce nice sound, right? With built-in stereo sound system B1SP delivers great sound and allows you to actually feel music.

  • Perfectly weighted keys
  • Pedal board
  • Great stereo sound system
  • Strong furniture constructions
  • Very compact & fits in smaller rooms
  • Higher price

2. Casio Privia PX-160 – Digital Piano

Second place takes Privia PX-160 digital piano which is to be honest very similar to the previous model but there are some Casio Privia PX-160differences, so check them out (Yes, we are going to make some comparison in the end of review).

First of Casio is another famous brand in the piano industry and they are well known. This piano is one of their best sellers and it stands as icon for quality and reliability.

Keyboard is digital and it comes with furniture including bench and stool. Another, worth of mention thing are instructional books and DVDs that comes along this piano so you can practice all the time.

Feature that I like the most about this piano is the sound. It produces sound equivalent to the grand piano which is not easy to do. This piano as well, has 3- pedal system that controls three major sounds.

On the surface of the piano are located different buttons that allows you easy and simple use. Keys are weighted and if your kid is going to play piano the right ways this option is must-have.

Consideration pretty much the same as the previous model and it is higher price. It would be great if these pianos are a little bit affordable but it takes effort, time and resources to built this kind of the piano. 

As, I said it is very similar to the previous models and both of them are more than good. Thing that outweigh in favor of Korg are better weighted keys. Korg has done just a little bit better job with keys and that was crucial thing to put this one in second place.

On the other hand Casio has a sound that feels more like a grand piano which is of course, an advantage. I recommend you to use these two features and differences as a guidance.

  • Sound equivalent to grand piano
  • 3 pedals
  • Weighted keys
  • Easy to use
  • Instructional books, DVDs…
  • Higher price

3. Yamaha YPG-535

I am sure you have already heard of Yamaha pianos. They are one of the most popular pianos on the market and they are Yamaha YPG-535popular with reason. Their products are highly rated and frequently used by very popular musicians. It is the same with this model but let’s dive into the details.

This piano is classic digital piano with many functions that helps you to play. Although it is digital, thing that I really like is that they tried to revive classic piano keyboard. They were pretty successful and this piano will give you a similar experience to classic weighted keys.

Yamaha put some effort to make this device easy to use for beginners. Yamaha education suite is one proof of that. It breaks down song into smaller pieces so it is easier to play. When you learn all of those pieces you are ready to go with the whole song. Also, it follows your tempo and automatically adjust it with your skill level. Once you finish the song piano gives you a grade which is very entertaining for both kids and adults.

Probably, the best specification of this piano are speakers. Most of Yamaha pianos has recognizable sound quality but this one is outstanding. It is very clear and loud, equipped with XGlite which gives you realistic music voices.

This piano will not give you experience of some classic grand piano which is my only consideration. On the other hand it is great for beginners and even for professional use (depending on music you play). Their new software technologies allows you to easy follow notes and rhythms which is more than useful. Thing that encourages purchasing this piano are recommendations by piano teachers.
  • High quality sound system
  • Perfect for kids and beginners
  • Yamaha Education Suite
  • Keyboard is similar to classic piano keyboard
  • Computer and USB connectivity
  • High quality product from trustworthy brand
  • It does not provide classic piano experience

4. The ONE Music Group TOK1B

Next up we have very interesting piano from not so known brand but things that attracted us are an amazing learning The One Music Group TOK1Bsoftware and very affordable price. Now let’s dive into the specifications and features.

Definitely the best feature of this piano is the software learning platform. You can connect this piano to your mobile device or tablet and access to thousands of sheet musics. This is very helpful for kids as beginners because they can learn and play anywhere at any time.

To make things even better there is a smart keyboard which is revolutionary when it comes to piano. When you connect piano to mobile device and choose a song you want to play, keys on the keyboard light up so you can play any song you want.

In my opinion, this is one of the most unique pianos on the market and definitely easiest to play. There are huge numbers of recommendation for this piano as a start up and kids all around world are loving it.

Quality of this product is not on high level as previous models but still it is on remarkable level and it can last kids for years. Although, keyboard is smart it does not provide experience of the weighted keys and sound is not as near as classic piano. There is bright side about it, this piano is very affordable and the cheapest in this category.

I highly recommend this product for parents who want to motivate their kids to learn piano in the fun way.

  • Smart keyboard
  • Software learning platform
  • Great price
  • Kids like to play it more than a classic piano
  • Various sounds and songs
  • Only 61 keys
  • Keys are not weighted

5. Yamaha PSREW400

And finally we are in the end of this category… Our last pick is from Yamaha, classic piano from trustworthy brand with Yamaha PSREW400affordable price and standard functions.

In my opinion quality is the best feature of this piano. Reason why it is fifth is because there is nothing so special and unique about this piano but still it can fulfill all needs of standard users. It can last for years and still be nice beginner-intermediate instrument.

Touch sensitive keys brings another level of music experience to kids. Since it is loud how much key is pressed it can develop feeling for music. There are 76  keys which is just below the standard 88 keys keyboard.

This is MIDI keyboard which allows you easy connecting with computer. It is really good feature because you can record yourself, access to various songs, voices, etc..

My biggest consideration for this product is simplicity and it decreased this piano on fifth place. You do not get any special functions for this only basic, but those basic functions are very well made. I would recommend this piano for people who are expecting standard functions such as learning, playing and composing for great price.

Yamaha sound quality is one of their best and most recognizable feature. This piano has that uniqueness, too and sound quality is one of the most important features when it comes to pianos.

  • Great value of price and quality
  • Comes from trustworthy brand
  • Easy to connect with PC
  • Loud and clear speakers
  • Touch sensitive keys
  • It’s too simple
  • Keys are soft
  • 76 Keys

15+ Years Old Kids Piano

Arius YDP-181WeightedDigital PianoPerfect keysCHECK PRICE
FLYCHORD DP420KWeightedDigital PianoGood priceCHECK PRICE
Casio PX860WeightedDigital KeyboardHigh customer ratingCHECK PRICE
Roland F-140RWeightedDigital PianoOutstanding designCHECK PRICE
Kawai KDP90WeightedDigital PianoRealistic soundCHECK PRICE

 1. Yamaha Arius YDP-181

Here we are, in the last category where the best pianos can be found. Our first pick and in our opinion the best kids piano is Yamaha Arius YDP181Yamaha Arius YDP-181.

Quality of this piano is on the highest level and it provides everything what one real piano should provide. Weighted hammer keys are very comfortable and allows you to feel music and play on the professional level.

This piano is perfect combination of acoustic and digital. Digital piano allows you so many things like computer connectivity, built-in songs, recording functions… Most of the digital pianos are cheaper than classic pianos and they have a lack in quality but it is not case with this piano. Sound is exactly same as the acoustic piano but you get versatility in digital functions which is relief for both beginners and experts.

Another thing that I really like is great wood quality and design. Wood and all materials are well treated and it is impossible to find any lack in that field. On the bottom of the piano are settled classic 3 pedals. Also, there is a bench included in this piano package.

This piano really impressed me and what is more important it impressed customers. Reviews are outstanding and customers are very satisfied with it. I could not found any consideration for this product although I spend a lot of time researching and testing it. This is digital-acoustic type of the piano and it is cheaper than classic analog pianos but only the greatest musicians can feel difference between them.

This piano is go for option for everybody who is looking for professional piano. It is not only for kids it can be used by adults  and it will surely respond for every music request.

  • Great combination of analog-digital
  • Perfectly hammer weighted keys
  • High quality materials
  • Luxurious style
  • Suitable for intermediate kids
  • None


On our second place is piano from Flychord. Well, Flychord is relatively new brand on the market and they made this productFlychord DP420K one of the best on the market for really good price.

This is another digital piano that tries to make keyboard as similar as it is possible to an acoustic piano. Well, in that field they have done a really great job and it has many similarities to acoustic piano. Most responsible part of the piano for that is keyboard.

Keyboard and keys are same as the acoustic pricey piano because keys are hammer weighted. Keys are comfortable too, and they are made out of synthetic ivory which provides smoothness without slipping.

Piano has various outputs that allows you to connect almost every device and set up songs and rhythms for your needs. Even better part, it is very easy to do that and everybody can figure it out in minutes. Design and dimensions are similar to an upright piano so it fits great in every room and draw attention.

My only consideration for this piano is actually in brand. Flychord is new brand and less known such as Yamaha, Korg… Although, it is product of new brand I liked it and many customers as well. Thing that puts this product in front of others is price. Price is very affordable and I recommend this product for everybody that is looking for cheaper version of the piano without any bigger flaws. Great value of money and quality. 

This piano is very similar to the previous one but I put it on second place because of brand and quality. Yamaha is way more popular and trustworthy brand with long tradition. Quality is just a bit better on Yamaha Arius YDP-181 but price is higher, as well. Compare them both and decide which one fits better to your budget.

  • Unbeatable price for quality
  • Keys are same as an upright piano
  • Three sustain pedals
  • Easy to connect with PC and phone
  • Brand is not so popular

3. Casio PX860

In case you like digital keyboard more than a classic style piano then this one will surely interest you. This keyboard comes Casio PX860from Casio brand that we already had in previous categories which shown as one of the best on the market but let’s now stick to this product itself and check its features.

Casio made some awesome speakers that delivers high quality sound no matter what type of the music you are playing. It sounds very clear and it is ranked as one of the best pianos when it comes to sound quality.

Keys on this piano are very comfortable to play and very responsive. Manufacturer tried to make as similar keys as possible to the classic weighted piano but difference can be noticed. Although, it is not the same it is impressive for one keyboard piano.

There is hundred of tones, sounds, musical instruments covers, genres that this digital keyboard provides which is one of the beauties of this product.

Design of this piano is another feature that is worth of mentioning. Its striking blue colors fits nicely and make it very unique since almost every keyboard is black. In the middle of the keyboard is 5.3″ touch display which allows you easy use.

I really like this keyboard piano and it has incredible high customer rating but anyway I put it in third place. Reason for that is actually because it is keyboard and it does not have classic piano look. Also, majority of buyers are looking for something to fulfill their room and look elegant which this piano cannot provide it. On the other hand, this product is amazing in terms of quality, sound quality and versatility which allows you to play every sound you wish.
  • Provides hundreds of styles, sounds and rhythms
  • Probably, it has the best sound quality of all keyboards on the market
  • Easy to use with touch screen display
  • Very comfortable keys to play
  • Customer rating is very high
  • It does not have classic piano look

4. Roland F-140R

Another great piano for kids over 15 years comes from quite a popular brand, Roland.Roland F-140R

Thing, that we like the most about this piano is very simple design yet very nice looking. There is nothing massive and every piece of wood is on the right place. With this kind of design this piano is easier than most of the upright digital pianos on the market.

Digital keyboard design is also on a top notch level. Buttons looks very modern and even better thing is the speaker, which is located right in the middle of the keyboard.

Beside the design, keyboard quality is on satisfying level. Keys are very comfortable to play and similar to the acoustic pianos but differences can be noticed.

Roland done the great job when it comes to software abilities which delivers great sounds and styles. There are over 300 sounds, 72 rhythms including 6 pianist styles. This allows pianist an amazing versatility to try new things and find best sound for his talents.

Roland F-140R is good piano that fits almost every pianist. In my opinion keyboard and keys are not on the high level as first two picks but still it is on high level. In the field of software and music variety this piano surprised me and along with design these are two best features. I recommend this piano for those who are looking for light piano but still with upright look and great clear design.   
  • Outstanding design
  • Software allows you to play various pianist styles
  • Very light for this kind of design
  • Sound quality is on high level
  • Easy to connect with PC and phone via Bluetooth
  • Keys are not weighted as real piano
  • Bench is not included in piano package

5. Kawai KDP90

Here we are, at the and of review section and we will wrap it up with Kawai KDP90 piano.KDP90 is a classic upright digital Kawai KDP90piano which best features lies in the fine tones and great key quality.

Kawai is Japanese brand which has long tradition of making pianos and their specialization is in the best touch that key can provide and best sound that ear can hear. Although, their best products are grand and upright piano which are pretty expensive, they put an effort to make this model, KDP90, available for huge number of customers.

Kawai did a really great job with KDP90 in fields of key and sound quality. Keys are very quality and they provide unique realistic feel of an acoustic piano. Not only they are weighted, keys provide very smooth transition so playing is even more realistic. Quality of keys are good as any piano on this list.

Sound quality is on high level as well. Even if it is a digital piano it provides similar music as an grand piano which is huge advantage.

My biggest consideration for this piano is actually in the software and digital part of the piano. Although, it support USB connectivity and has quite a number of tones and rhythms it could be done better and previous pianos are better in that field. From the quality of keyboard and sound this piano is good as every other in this list.
  • Weighted keys that are very similar to the grand piano keys
  • Realistic sound of piano
  • 3 sustain pedals
  • Nice design and high quality wood
  • Comes from a very popular and trustworthy brand
  • Software could be done better
  • Digital piano functions could be upgraded

Buyer’s Guide

First thing to determine and most important is age of the kid. Second most important thing is your budget and budget increases as years are increasing which is logical. Now let’s see what you can expect and what you should by categories by these three age ranges.

  • 4+ Years old 
    When kid is under 4 years the most important thing is to interest the kid in the music and develop some minor music thing. Good thing for you as a parent in this case is price which is usually under 100$. In this category we put various pianos including digital, baby grand piano and pianos with high quality keys. Choice depends on you and it is hardly to go wrong with any of our picks.
  • 10+ Years old
    10 years old kids needs something more professional because kids knowledge of the music is increasing and they faster learn. In this age range we focused on two types of the piano. Digital upright piano and digital keyboard. First type, digital upright piano, is great choice for kids that wants to develop their playing skills in acoustic music on weighted keys. Second type, digital keyboard, is great choice for kids who likes to experiment and test different sounds and songs. These keyboards allows easier learning and they are great choice when it comes to various musical genres.
  • 15+ Years old
    In this category we focused on the piano that will give high quality sound and keys as similar as it is possible of professional grand piano. The type of the piano for that is digital upright piano. This type of the piano is very popular because it is very affordable compared to acoustic and grand piano and delivers nearly the same experience. Differences can be noticed usually by professional and experienced pianist so it will not present problems for kids. These pianos can be used by adults as well. We included one digital keyboard in this list which shown as one of the best on the market currently.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are weighted keys?
How much should I spend on kid piano?
How many types of piano exist?
What is optimal number of keys?


There it is ultimate guide to kids piano with lists of best kids piano. I hope you find information needed for buying perfect drone. It was not easy to pick all of these pianos because there are plenty of them on the market and only shades have decided between top picks and even entering in the list. Thank you for reading and let’s play some music.


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