Best Powerpoint Remotes 2018 Reviews & Buyers Guide

Are you sick and tired of interrupting your speech just to get on the next slide of your presentation?


Well, everybody is and it is the reason why I am writing this article. To help those

who want to be better and more convincing speakers.

Great thing that can help you a lot is powerpoint remote or how people also call it presentation clickers. They are very helpful when we are talking in public and we need to convince people in our story.

We surely cannot do it sitting down where nobody can see us and we cannot perform some of the basics speaking techniques. Instead of that we need to move around and actually make a point.

This type of presence will surely fulfill the powerpoint remote. They are relatively cheap and they can make your life easier. So what are we waiting for, let’s get into it.

Best Powerpoint Remotes 2018

NameLCD DisplayLaser Pointer AdvantagePrice
Canon PR10-GYesGreenGreat QualityCHECK PRICE
Logitech R800YesGreenDurableCHECK PRICE
SMK RemoteNoGreenLong RangeCHECK PRICE
Dinofire StickNoGreenStick RemoteCHECK PRICE
KensingtonNoRedErgonomic DesignCHECK PRICE
Red Star ClickerNoRedUltra CheapCHECK PRICE
AmerteerNoRedFinger ClcikerCHECK PRICE
ZoweetekNoRedLong RangeCHECK PRICE
Infiniter GyroNoGreenAdvanced FunctionsCHECK PRICE
Doosl RemoteNoRedSlimCHECK PRICE

1. Canon PR10-G Versatile Remote

Canon PR10-G is surely one of the best presentation clickers available on the market and there are few reasons why it is our Canon PR10-Gfirst pick on this list.

This device is designed for speakers that really wants to control their speech. One of the most important features is huge LCD display. Display can be easily controlled by the two buttons located on the left side.

Check this out:

Canon took really huge step and thing that really impressed me is vibration alert. If you are professional speaker, teacher, presenter you will find this really helpful. It would not be so professional to look at powerpoint remote every 2-3 minutes. So you can easily adjust it to vibrate when you want.

Beside this huge feature there are other- mostly standard buttons for navigating through presentation, pointer and volume control. Volume control is not huge feature but some of the remotes do not have it so pay attention when you read other reviews.

This presentation clicker in overall is really good device. It does not have any big consideration noticed by previous users. This device is in my opinion best “all-around” remote. You can setup it in seconds just plug in. Timer, vibration alert, great laser are some of the biggest features.

TIP: If you buy it do not forget to turn it off after use because it will drain out batteries.

Canon PR10-G Video Presentation

According to the manufacturer, they developed unique green laser that is more than 8x stronger and visible than the regular red ones. Reason why they needed better laser is probably range. This device can work properly in 100 feet area which is standard for this price range.

Design is one of the things where I do not like to leave opinion because I do not know what you expect from device. There is saying “A picture is worth a thousand words” so you should check out images in details. I can only mention that this device is made of really good and smooth materials that cannot be easily broken or damaged.


  • Easy to use
  • Great quality
  • Huge LCD display and vibration alert
  • Strong and efficient laser
  • Compatible with both Windows and Mac

  • Low quality leather case

2. Logitech R800- Simple and Efficient

Second seed took the great product from Logitech. The easiest of description of this product is “Simple but very efficient“.Logitech R800 Logitech made very durable, reliable and more than useful powerpoint clicker which will surely fulfill all of your criteria.

R800 remote is one of the best sellers on the market and I think I have explanation for that. It is everything what one powerpoint clicker should be but better. Here is the thing.

This device is used by thousands of users and most of them are satisfied. Reason for that is long life and simplicity. This device can be used for years and it will still work as on the day you bought it. It is made from very durable material and Logitech is the well known brand. Easy to use is great feature so you will not bother with different types of the software to setup.

There are several great features such as LCD display with different type of functions such as vibrating alert, timer, signal strength and battery life. Great news for hardcore users is that this device is made to last long. Button are very strong especially for navigation through presentation which are most frequently used.

My biggest consideration for this device is smaller LCD display and that is the reason why I put it on second place. It is very similar to Canon PR10-G and they have almost same features. As you may noticed Logitech R800 has simple and small LCD without any special light effect. If display is not too important for your needs and you like design this is presentation clicker to go.

Let’s talk about some basics things. This device use pair of AAA batteries which are the most common. Battery life for laser pointer is around 20 hours and 1050 hours for presenter. Battery life mostly depends on dimension of remote. I mention this because further in the post there will be different types of remotes so you can take this life as a great feature.

Great thing about this device is unique design. It feels great in the hand because of ergonomic design so it will not be a problem to hold it during a longer speech.


  • Very durable device that can last very long.
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Plug in type of the remote
  • Green Laser Light
  • Vibration alert

  • Only compatible with Windows
  • Small and simple LCD display

3. SMK- Link RemotePoint Long Range Presentation Remote

We could not pick our top 3 without one long range remote and that is exactly what SMK- Link RemotPoint Jade is. SMK Link JadeIn case, you are giving lectures in large room than you will know how much important is long range device.

Beside long range two very important features are durability and power. First of all case is very durable and made out of very quality plastic that can hardly be broken. Also, buttons are very strong and they cannot be damaged after years of use.

With its 150 feet range this device is the most powerful in this guide. For this range are usually looking some experienced talkers and they will find it very helpful.

Because of long range feature and very durable batteries this device is a little bit larger with dimensions 6″ x 3″. Design is very simple and there is nothing special worth of mentioning.

Because of long range feature and very durable batteries this device is a little bit larger with dimensions 6″ x 3″. It feels bigger in hand and that can be taken as my biggest consideration about this product. Also, there are not some special design features, it is made to work as durable and long range product but there are some special features like programmable buttons and 360° degree mouse that we will describe later.

The next three features that we will describe are programmable buttons, 360° degree mouse and laser pointer.

Programmable buttons are in my opinion most useful features of every powerpoint clicker. Main reason for that is You are using it in way you want. A lot of experienced talkers have something unique in their speech so these buttons can make their life easier. It is easy to create unique functions. There are 4 buttons in total which is pretty much enough for most of the people.

360° degree mouse is located in the middle of the remote. It is very helpful to point or rotate something in presentation. This feature cannot replace real mouse but it is more than enough for most of the media that can be found in one presentation.

When you have long range device you must have extraordinary laser and this device has exactly that. Laser is green and very visible from long distances so your audience will easily spot it.


  • 150 Feet Range
  • Power and durability
  • Programmable buttons
  • Visible laser from long ranges

  • It is bigger device
  • Price is higher
  • Design is simple

4. Dinofire- Rechargable Wireless Presenter

For everyone who likes simple yet very interesting design gadgets we present Dinofire Wireless Presenter. This Dinofiredevice looks like a simple stick but it has a lot of useful functions that we will discus right now. So let’s get into it.

First thing that I want to describe is design. Design is very interesting and Dinofire is very unique in that field. Presenter looks very clean and small which will attract many customers. It is smaller than all of previous models and fits great in hand. Also, it is great for people who often travel and gives lecture in various places because it is small and fits even in the pocket.

Another major thing as you might seen from the heading is rechargable feature. This is in my opinion best feature of this device. Sometimes it can be very annoying to change batteries but now you simple plug it when you are not talking and you are ready to go. Battery works for 4-5 hours and charge very fast.

Every good presentation remote should have good laser, right? Well, Dinofire does not have a good laser, it has extraordinary green laser. Reason why it is extraordinary is because of brightness and clearness. Because, it is longer it will be easier to keep pointer stable.

This Presenter is in my opinon great but manufacturer kept it simple. There is no features such as vibration alert, LED display or time counter. Although, lack of these features are consideration it allowed manufacturer to make really clean, small and well design product. It is cheaper as well so it is not bad at all. Most of the people will find this device very useful and it will fulfill all of their needs. If you are more demanding customer and you need some special functions this device probably will not suit you.

Durability of this device is remarkable. Buttons are very strong and they cannot be damaged that easy. Also, it is made from one piece so it will be more resistant in case you drop it.


  • Well designed product
  • Small and compact
  • Affordable price
  • Nice green laser
  • Rechargable battery

  • Lack of special functions

5. Kensington Presentation Pointer

Kensington presentation pointer is another great device with various features. As you can see in the picture it is very unique Kensington Presentation Remoteremote with very interesting design.

This is beginner friendly device which means great price, standard functions and satisfying durability. It is used a lot and most of the customers are satisfied which approves qualities that will be listed below.

First feature not only for this device yet all of the Kensington devices is internal receiver storage. This feature is very useful for most of the people and I found it helpful as well.

Device has standard four buttons that allows you to control main presentation functions. There is a red laser as well which is pretty good on shorter distances. This device work in 65 feet range which is in my opinion enough for beginner and medium large rooms.

Kensington Wireless Presenter is device to go for beginners. It is very affordable and has everything what beginner needs. It is very durable as well and most importantly it is plug & play type of device. Both Windows and Mac friendly is another good thing for beginners. Beside of basic functions there is nothing special to expect from this device and if you do not need any special functions than you should go with this device.

Design is as we said very unique and this device is very easy to hold in the hand because of ergonomic design. Thing that I do not like is silver circle. If you have sweaty hands sometimes your finger can slip away.


  • Internal storage for receiver
  • Ergonomic design
  • Huge buttons
  • Mac & Windows friendly

  • Only 4 main buttons
  • A little bit wide device


6. Red Star- Ultra Cheap Presentation Remote

In case you do not want to spend so much money on presentation remote we have a great news, there is a presentation remote by Red Star.

A lot of people do not need some special presentation remote or they do not use it often. They probably do not want to spend too much money but they still want a decent product. Well, in that case you should check out feature of this device.

First of all, this presentation remote clicker has very nice design. It is not too big nor too small so it fits nicely in the hand. In case you are sweating plastic can become a little bit slippery. On the bottom of the device you can find USB receiver storage and this is the same feature as our 5th pick has.

Most of the devices in this price range do not have built in laser. Well, it is not case with this one which has built in red laser. It works literally with all types of the presentation programs including Powerpoint, Keynote, Google Slides.

There are a lot of the cheap presentation remotes but it is not easy to pick the best of them. We did very deep research and I think we found the best device of its kind. The thing that I like the most is easy to use so you need just to plug and you are ready to go. To be hones with you guys there is nothing huge to expect from this device but for a normal user it is very decent product. Buttons, plastic and materials are a little bit worse from a more expensive models but that is logical, isn’t it? If you do not drop it and you are not hard user than I think this device will last you pretty long.

  • Internal storage for receiver
  • Great customer reviews
  • Nice button layout
  • Mac & Windows friendly
  • Ultra Cheap

  • Medium quality
  • Red Laser

7. Amerteer Powerpoint Clicker

If you like really small powerpoint clickers than this device from Amerteer should interest you. With compact design and Amerteer Powerpoint Clickerunique design it helped many speakers around the world.

First and the best feature of Amerteer clicker is design. Reason why it is the best is in its unique style. This Finger type remote helped many people who are speaking for a longer time. When you are using some bigger remote it gets boring holding it for whole hour and even more. This device allows you to rest and perform a better gestures. Nevertheless, the finger ring is adjustable so it can fit anyone which is really important.

Great thing about this device is the price. It is the cheapest device on this list and it attracts many buyers. Next great thing is rechargable battery. Well this device is smaller and it will be really hard to change batteries every few weeks and to avoid that, manufacturer built in rechargable battery.

To be honest with you guys, quality of this device is not on a high level. There are several reasons for that but main is price. It can be very useful for people who are using powerpoint clicker rarely. In my opinion the best way to use it is as a backup. Because of its design it is easily carried and it does not require too much space. It is easy to install as well, just plug and you are ready to go. I do not recommend it for a hard core users.

Work range is 40 feet which covers small and standard rooms. There is a red laser as well which points very well in this range. There are only 5 basic button functions which includes: display of black screen, previous slide, next slide, launch/ end of slideshow and laser button.


  • Unique finger type design
  • Cheapest remote in this list
  • Rechargable batteries
  • Wireless presenter for Mac
  • Does the job

  • Low quality materials
  • It is not for hard core users
  • Small work range.

8. Zoweetek-Wireless Presenter

It will be shame if we only put one stick type wireless presenter on this list, right? Because of that we put this great pen look Zoweetek Wireless Presenterpresenter from Zoweetek.

There is bunch of the features this device provides us but in my opinion the most important is in the pen design. Literally it looks like a pen and you can put it even in your pocket. I am surprised with this design and it looks very cool and modern with interesting color gradation. Good news, plastic is not slippery at all and it is not a problem to hold it for longer time.

Another great thing of this device is 100 meter work range. It is great when you take in consideration that this device is using rechargable batteries. I am a little bit sceptic about red laser which may not point well from 100 feet but still for this price it is more than understandable.

Although, this device as every other has some flaws in my opinon all of them are not big. The biggest is as I said a weaker red laser pointer. Beside that this device shown as great for customers. I put it in 8th place because of its design because most of the people wants classic presentation remotes. Pen design is not so popular but if we take in consideration only functionality, price and quality than it will surely be in top 5. It is a newer device as well and brand is not known as brands from our top 3 picks.

  • Long range device
  • Great value of price and quality
  • Small and compact
  • Good materials

  • Brand is not well known
  • Weak red laser

9. Infiniter Gyro Presenter

9th seed took the really interesting presenter from Infiniter. Reason why it is so interesting is multiple functions, check out theInfiniter Gyro Presenter picture.

As you noticed there are numerous functions that can fulfill needs for even most demanding users. Shortly I would describe this device as a professional presenter which it really is. In my opinion the most interesting function on this presenter is Gyro Mouse. It is located on the back which is very creative and easier to use then on the front as you might seen on previous models.

Quality is shown as very good and customers love it. Buttons are high quality and you can use it for a years. Another great feature is very strong green laser beam.

Another very interesting feature is included buttons for editing a presentation. This is not very common feature and it can be very helpful in some occasions. You will need some time to get used to it but it is worth it.

Overall rating of this device is great but anyway I put it in 9th seed. Although, this device is great and there are not any huge consideration it is not for most of the users. First of all, price is higher and it is one of the most expensive presenters in our list. Second and more important is that most of the people do not want this type of device. It is harder to get used to all of these buttons and learn to control it. I highly recommend this product for the professional speakers that know what each of the functions in the picture can provide them. If you are beginner than you probably will not find this device as useful.

  • Great quality
  • Various functions
  • Great Gyro mouse
  • Constructed for demanding users
  • Great green laser

  • Higher price
  • You need a time to get used to all of the functions
  • Not compatible with Mac

10. Doosl Slim Presentation Clicker

We will close this list with this simple yet very good presentation clicker from Doosl. Most of our previous models were a littleDoosl Slim Presentation Clicker bit thicker but this one is quite opposite. It is very slim and small so it fits very nicely in the hand.

First thing I will describe is quality. Quality of this powerpoint remote control is a little bit above average. Material is actually pretty good and feels nice in the hand. On the other hand, buttons are not too strong because of design itself but they will surely last pretty long.

In difference from our previous models this one has slim design which some people really like. Great thing about this type of the remote is that it can even fit in the front pocket. Also, battery is rechargable and device itself is easy to use. It is compatible with every OS just plug it in PC.

Although, it is very slim it has internal receiver storage which is awesome. Range of this device is around 100 feet.

This wireless presenter with laser pointer has a lot of great features which include compatibility, various functions, small design I put it in last place. Reason for that is in its quality and I think buttons are not made for a harder pushes. Well quality for this price is what you can expect but it is not suitable for often use. Customers are mostly satisfied and they gave 5 rating but I am sceptic about it because it recently shown on the market.  I will track this product and probably in the future relocate it on higher position.

  • Great price
  • Medium quality
  • Slim design
  • Compatible with every OS
  • Internal receiver storage
  • Good reviews

  • Buttons are not for harder pushes
  • Plastic is not too firm and strong
  • Brand is not well known

Buying Guide, Tips and Information

Above you read our list of the best powerpoint remotes. I highlight our because that is only our opinion and all of us have different opinions. We did research in depth but some of the things we found helpful you might not and because of that you should read our short buying guide and what you should consider when you are shopping these device so let’s get into it.

CompatibilityFeaturesLaserRangeQualitySpecial Functions
First thing you need to decide is on which platform you will use wireless presenter. In most of the cases customers are using Powerpoint but some of them are using Keynote as well. I mentioned if some of the presenters are not compatible with one of previous two. In 99% all of the clickers are compatible with Windows but some of them are not with Mac.
Look for the features you want to use and think they might help you. There are difference between feature and special functions. Features are more general things while special functions are some uniqueness of each device. One of the feature you should take in consideration is LCD display. This is can help you a lot for instance: time clicker, battery life display, slide number… I explained every feature of each device and you should be looking for features that suits you.
Laser is very important for many customers. There are usually two types of the lasers, the green one and the red. Green lasers are in most of the cases better because audience easier spot it. Red lasers are harder to spot but some of the manufacturers did a really great job an built very quality red lasers. Price usually dictates quality of the laser.

Note: NEVER POINT LASER IN ANYONE EYE. Check out further consequences that laser can cause here.

Range is another very important thing you want to consider. First you should answer yourself where are the most common places you will give speech and approximately how long will you walk out of the PC. There are different ranges which are suitable for small classroom and even for large rooms such as halls, churches and so on.
Quality is maybe the most important thing you need to take in consideration. There are different materials and different types of remotes and all of them have different quality and some weak spots. I have write about this characteristic for each device. Also, if you want even more details about quality check images and of course customer reviews.
If you need something special and unique from powerpoint remote then you should look for special functions. Most of the good devices has something special and unique that can make your life easier. Special functions usually increases the price so consider if you truly need some special functions

Special functions are something as a Gyro mouse and every uniqueness that one clicker has.

Information about presentation remotes

In my opinion these gadgets are very helpful and even better is affordable price. Giving a good speech without presentation remote is in my opinion impossible because you are locked for the PC and you have to sit.

In case you have read article on topic mistakes about presentations like this one you noticed that biggest mistakes are related with bad presentation and lack of body language.

Yes, body language and gestures are must have feature of every speaker and you are not going to do that by sitting down where even your voice cannot be heard well.

Audience loves good speakers and speakers that knows what they are speaking and presenting. In this situation presentation clicker will be very helpful because you do not have to turn around or stop. Your speech becomes smooth and convincing without any interruptions.


I hope this list and buying guide helped you to decide which presenter you should buy. We have carefully selected each device and all of them have great reviews and all of them works well. Now it is up to you to choose one and buy.


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