Best Roll Up Piano 2018 [Buying Guide & Review]

Ever noticed how hard is to buy appropriate gift for kids? Yes, most of us had that dilemma.Piano Player

Buying a gift for kids is sometimes real pain because of several reasons. A really good gift should be educational and of course fun. We found solution for that and that is a roll up piano.

Roll up piano is a great music instrument not only for kids yet for every piano beginner and every piano lover who always want to have the piano near him.

In this article you will find very interesting information including top 10 ranking with in-depth review and buyers guide in detail. So let’s get down to it.

Best Roll Up Piano

NameKeysBatteriesAdvantagePrice of the product
Lujex 6161AAHigh qualityCHECK PRICE
S6161AAGreat consoleCHECK PRICE
Portable Roll Up81RechargeableLightweightCHECK PRICE
Andoer88AANice keyboardCHECK PRICE
S8888AAGreat consoleCHECK PRICE
Aufitker49AALow priceCHECK PRICE
JouerNow 88RecheargableThickened keysCHECK PRICE
Rainbow Piano49AAColorful keyboardCHECK PRICE

1.  Lujex 61 Key Roll Up Keyboard

First in our list is piano by Lujex. It is one of the most popular on the market and even better, customers are loving it.Lujex 61 Key Roll Up Keyboard

Check out some of the best features of this device.

First of all, this product has high quality console. When we are talking about roll up piano console is the part which affect most on the quality of the whole product. In this case it is made for easy use and with a bunch of the functions.

There are 128 different tones and 100 different rhythms which is for the first aid more than enough. There are plenty of the options that allows you to play almost every type of the music.

Speaker is very quality and produces nice sounds. Take in consideration that this is not a real piano and there are some limitations but I will describe it later in the buyers guide. Great thing is that you can connect either the additional speakers or headphones.

In my opinion this roll up keyboard is currently the best in the market. Of course there are some other great keyboards but with this device you cannot go wrong. Reason why you cannot go wrong is because of versatility. Although some other keyboards will have some better specification this device is the best because it is “all around” and there are not any bigger flaws.

Although, keyboard is not anything like a real piano it is pretty good for fun and non-professional use. The most important thing is that it is durable and can serve very well for long time.

Buttons are very soft and flexible, so they will give you unique experience of playing piano. It is shown that kids absolutely like it and this product can interest them in real music.

To play this piano you only need 4 AA batteries and you are ready to go.


  • High quality product
  • Different sounds and options
  • Soft and durable buttons
  • Clear speaker
  • Easy to carry

2. S61 Flexible Piano

S61 is another very interesting piano. It is similar to the previous model with 61 buttons and almost same tones and rhythms.S61 Piano with Keyboard

This product is unique with its console which I really like. Design of the console is different than all of the models on this list. It looks very clean and modern. Also, there is small LCD and down below are various buttons that controls various options.

Console interface is not complicated and even kids can understand it within a minute. Speaker of this console is clean and loud which is more than enough for the roll up piano.

Keyboard is very slim and made out of very durable rubber. It is water resistant as well, as almost every roll up but console is not especially around the speaker.

Waterproof allows you to easy maintain keyboard clean especially if the kids are playing it, then it gets dirty very often.

This is another great piano and I like it. Most interesting thing for me is very slim console and when piano is unfolded it looks like a carpet. Reason why it is in second place is because of the price which is a little bit higher. Only consideration for me is a little bit stronger rubber that does not allow you to easily slide fingers. It can be problem for experienced piano players but beginners probably will not notice anything.

Another thing which can be understood different by customers is rechargable battery. In my opinion this is great feature but there is nothing wrong in AA batteries as well. You should decide which one of them you like better and buy what you prefer.


  • Very slim console
  • Nice sound
  • A lot of demos and tones
  • Easy to use
  • Clean and modern design of the console

  • Rubber is harder so it is harder to slide finger

3. Portable Roll Up Piano Keyboard

If you are looking for some additional functions in piano then check this one in detail. Portable Roll Up Piano

The biggest advantage of this product is in it various tones and rhythms that allows you to play almost everything. It is good for both beginners and experienced players who use it occasionally.

For me the most interesting part is console. First of all, console looks very narrow with very strong case. Another feature that is unique is touch buttons. It is very interesting for kids and it raises value of the product because it looks very expensive but actually it is very affordable.

As I said, case is very narrow so when piano is folded it does not take too much space which is great if you are traveling. Not only it is compact, also it is very light with only 4 pounds.

For those who wants more sounds from their piano I think this is the right choice. There are plenty of the tones so everyone can find one that suits him. My biggest consideration is in sales. This product is not best seller, yet it is somewhere on the beginning.

With built in battery you can play this piano over 10 hours which is not bad at all.

Keyboard is also unique and thing that I like is marked keyboard. It is helpful for beginners especially kids, so they can easily remember every key.


  • Touch console buttons
  • Lightweight product with strong case
  • Marked keyboard
  • 128 tones and rhythms
  • Slim yet strong keyboard

  • When it is folded console is sticking out because it is longer.

4. Andoer Roll Up Piano 88 Keys

Previous models had 61 keys, with Andoer is a different case. It has 88 keys that makes this piano more similar to the piano.

This piano is very useful for pianists on the trip because there are 88 keys. Although, this piano is made out of rubber and it is not nowhere as good as real piano, a lot of pianists use it when they are on trip. If you are piano player with experience I recommend you to scroll down to buyer’s guide where I will explain for you everything about roll up pianos in details.

For the power supply you can use 4 AA batteries or power adapter. In my opinion batteries are way better because you can unfold it anywhere you want and practice.

Kids find this great as well and huge advantage of this product is in the very strong case and keyboard so it can hardly be damaged.

This piano is very nice and durable even for the hardcore users. Although, it is durable it does not give you pleasure as a real piano which is understandable because of price. Overall, this product is very nice for kids and pianists on travel because it has 88 keys. It is not too heavy and it takes a little space.

Although, console is made out of very strong and durable materials I do not like its design. In my opinion it is not so nice and clean. The biggest consideration is this green and yellow lines.


  • Strong case
  • Both console and keyboard are durable
  • It has 88 keys

  • I do not like design of the console

5. S88 Portable Roll Up Piano Keyboard

Actually, this is same piano as our #2nd pick. Reason why this piano is fifth is actually because of customer reviews. Customers S88 Keys Pianoare more satisfied with 61 keys model although quality, console and keyboard is same.

I like more S61 as well and I am recommending it for everyone who are not specifically looking for 88 keys model. For beginner there is no need for 88 keys and 61 keys will serve you very well. Also, it is a little bit more pricey.

Check out S61 again for more details.


  • Very slim console
  • Nice sound
  • A lot of demos and tones
  • Easy to use
  • Clean and modern design of the console

  • Rubber is harder so it is harder to slide finger
  • Customer reviews are worse than S61

6. Aufitker Piano- Lowest Price

If you are looking for standard roll up piano keyboard with a great price than you are on the right place.

This instrument from Aufitker is great value and price. It is great for very beginners and kids because it has standard 49 keys. Although it is one of the consideration it is not too big if you are buying it for a kid that use it as a toy. The better part of the story is price. It is currently the most affordable keyboard with great features that we will describe right now.

Great console is one of the things that really surprised me for this price range product. Console looks very stunning with various functions. Design is great as well and with huge LCD display it is very easy to use.

Another thing that I liked is marked keyboard. I think marked keyboard are the best way to learn what every key is actually for. Keys are very soft and very pleasant to play on. Kids are loving this product.

The biggest flaw of this product is 49 keys and it is the reason why it took only 6th seed. Other things are pretty same as every roll up piano. Very important thing that customers love this product and it has very high rating for one roll up piano. In my opinion this is one of the best products in term of value of quality and price.

Speaker is not loud nor too silent so it is great for the kids. This model use AA batteries but you also get power cord so you can play it all day.


  • Great console
  • Keyboard is pretty strong and durable.
  • One of the cheapest roll up pianos.
  • Because of 49 keys keyboard is very small and can be carried even in the jacket pocket.

  • 49 keys

7. JouerNow RUP002 Piano with Thickened Keys

Our 7th seed took 88 keys roll up piano from JouerNow. There are many features but main and very unique are thickened keys.88 Keys Roll Up Piano

First thing that we will discuss about this instrument is keyboard because it is its most powerful attribute. Keyboard is made from high quality rubber. The best thing about rubber is smoothness so it makes a better real piano experience. Keys are thickened as well so it fells good and it is more durable.

Next important thing is the console. Console is pretty much simple and there are classic functions that works great. Buttons on the console are strong and durable as well as speaker. My criticism goes to the design. Design does not impress me and it does not look modern and clean.

I highly recommend this piano for people that are looking for best real piano experience. Keyboard is very smooth and keys are little bit thicker than most of the roll up pianos. Anyway there are two objections in my opinion. First one is price. Yes this product is a little bit pricey and one of the most expensive in this list. My second objection is in console design. Although, console does the job very good design is very simple and it does not look clean and modern. Other things are mostly in a great shape.

  • Smooth keyboard
  • 140 tones
  • Thickened keys
  • Designed to make a real piano experience

  • Higher price
  • Simple console

8. Rainbow Piano- Rock and Roll It

If you really want to impress kids than this is the thing you need to consider. Every kid loves colorful toys but if piano is colorfulRainbow Roll Up Piano it is even more impressive. Let’s start with review of this rainbow piano.

In matter of design this piano is absolutely stunning. Its uniqueness is very interesting and it is a great product for kids.

Every roll up piano is flexible but this one especially because of its very thin keyboard.

Console is very simple but I like design and functionalities. There are classic buttons that allows you easy use. Speaker is very well made and music is very clean and loud. Corners of the console are round and console feels great in hand when you are holding it.

I like the size of keyboard and the console which are same so the whole piano is very compact.

Up above I mentioned some of the great features of this device but nothing is perfect, right? There are my few objection on this product and the first is 49 keys. Although, 49 keys are not huge objection because kids are going to use this I have to mention it. Keyboard is very thin so some customers can find it as a consideration.

One thing is sure, kids are simply loving this piano.

Parents, this piano is great for you as well, because it is short and when it is folded it almost take no space. This products are not taking space as a classic synthesizers.


  • Very interesting colorful keyboard
  • Loud and clear speaker
  • Easy to use
  • Nice design and great proportions

  • 49 keys
  • Thin keyboard so you need to get used to it.

Roll Up Piano Buyer’s Guide

Well, roll up pianos are very specific musical instruments and there are lot of the things that you should know before you buy one, so let’s get into it.

I will start guide with answering some frequently asked questions that will give you best overall view about these devices.

Who should use a roll up piano?
What is the overall quality of roll up piano keyboards?
Are roll up keyboards durable?
How to maintain roll up piano keyboards?

I hope these answers gives you a better understanding of roll up pianos. If you want to learn more check down bellow average features.

Average features of the roll up piano

When you are shopping for a new things that you are not familiar with it is always good to know some average features and functions. We have listed some of the most important features and their purpose.

ConsoleKeyboardSpeakerNumber of Keys
Console is very important part of these pianos. There are different types of the console and mostly they have the same functions but design is one of the things you should look.

Although, design has nothing with functions in my opinion a good piano should have at least a decent design. I recommend you to choose in way you like because every of us likes something and something not.

Each piano above has review of the console so I recommend you to check each review in detail.

In case you want a perfection check quality of the buttons as well. Some pianos has very bad buttons and they can be poor quality. I did not include those pianos in the list but you can check it twice if you want to be completely secure.

The thing that customers find most objection is keyboard.

First of all, most of the customers use a silicon keyboard for the first time and it is completely new for them. That is one of the reasons.

This keyboard are not high quality as a professional piano but they are not mentioned for a professionals.

Overall, these keyboards are good for kids and beginner and there is nothing wrong for that kind of use.

The best thing about keyboard is in actual roll up so you can carry some models even in the pocket. They are suitable for travels, outdoors and carrying wherever you go.

Speaker is another specification you should pay attention to.

Well, speakers of roll up pianos are classic speaker. There are two things that really matters.

First of them is clearness of the sound. Sound quality is very important whenever you are buying an instrument. Truth be told, roll up pianos does not have an extraordinary sound quality yet average-above average. To get better sound quality you will have to invest more money while one of the main features of the roll ups is price.

Next thing you should pay attention is loudness of sound. In this case I do not recommend you to find very loud piano because there is no such a need especially when we know who are going to use it. But, if you want it very loud the great thing is that you can connect additional speaker with 3.5 mm jack.

In this list we included three different types of the pianos sorted by number of keys criteria.

49 keys roll up piano – with this number of keys you get a standard and basic piano. Price of these pianos is lowest and they are very compatible and small. Great for the people on a budget and very beginners.

61 keys roll up piano – is the most common on the market. They are great for most of the customers because they have everything including affordable price. Great choice for beginners, kids and practice-pianos.

88 keys roll up piano – is men intended for advanced users. These pianos are a little bit bigger but they give more abilities for playing different types of music. Their con is in price which is higher than previous two types.

Check out more information about number of keys right here.

If you have read this guide and reviews I think you are ready for shopping. I recommend you to check one more thing and that is roll up piano in action. I think this video will show you what you can do with these pianos.

If you would like to hear another great piano covers check out her YouTube channel.


Roll up piano is a great music instrument for the great price.

They have some considerations but way more good features. I personally liked them and they are very useful.

Let me know in comments what you think about them.


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