10 Best Spy Voice Recorder (Advanced Guide)

I bet you have been in situation where you want to repeat someone’s speech but it simply is not possible because we do not haveBest Spy Voice Recorder time machines.

But, thing that we do have are spy voice recorder which allows us to easily record speech and even better thing is they are not too expensive yet very cheap.

As technology develops so does these gadgets and now you can find different types of them, smaller, bigger, with or without display and even voice activated recorder.

Let’s stop here for a moment and let’s actually check some of them and their features. In the further text you will find 10 best spy voice recorders with reviews in depth so, here we go!

Best Spy Voice Recorders

NameLCD DisplayBattery LifeAdvantagePrice
EvistirYes11 hrsAutosavingCHECK PRICE
AirworthNo10 hrsSpy penCHECK PRICE
Sony ICD PX333YesAAA batteriesClear soundCHECK PRICE
Yemenren VoiceYes15 hrsUndestroyableCHECK PRICE
DictoproYes10 hrsAluminum caseCHECK PRICE
DennovYes9 hrsSlim designCHECK PRICE
Keychain RecorderNo20 hrsHidden voice recorderCHECK PRICE
Voice Recorder WatchYes12 hrsSpy gadgetCHECK PRICE
Yemenren SpyYes10 hrs3072 kbps voiceCHECK PRICE

1. Evistr – Best value of price and money

Our first pick for best the spy voice recorder comes from Evistr. When we were deciding which voice recorder to choose among Evistr Spy Voice Recorderplenty of them we were looking for one that have great quality, many functions, clear sound, long battery and reasonable price. But let’s new check what this device can offer us.

First of all, design of this device is very nice and there is nothing much to give or take. Microphone is located on the top of device and record in 384 kbps quality format. Underneath, of microphone is located small LCD display that allows you easy monitoring. There are 6 buttons, 4 of them are located on the front of the device and two of them (ON & OFF buttons) are located on the side. Case is made from very firm plastic so it will not break that easy on accidental drop.

In the field of the software this recorder offers you whatever one customer can demand. It is very easy to use this device but if you have any trouble there is free E Book user manual to guide you. This is voice activated recorder so it will make your life easier if you need to make pauses in the recording frequently.

Thing that makes this device special is auto saving every 5 seconds. I find this as a huge advantage because someone can forget to save record or battery can be discharged. Some other great functions which this recorder offers are: record voices of determined loudness, A-B repeat and specially options for easier transcription of the sound files.

In my opinion this device does not have any bigger downsides. Yeah, some of the customers maybe 3% of them could complain on certain things but let’s face it this device is not for professional use such television or radio stations uses. For most of the customers this device will fit perfectly because it is great combination of quality for a really good price.

11 hours of recording with one charging is enough for even most demand users and it can surely last you whole day even if you are recording everything. For normal users one charging is enough for few days.

There is 8 GB of memory which allows you to store up to 560 hours of recording files in 32 kbps quality. As I mentioned the highest record quality is 384 kbps so this number of hours will decrease but still you will have plenty of storage.

  • Nice design and quality case
  • Many functions that allows easier use
  • Voice activated recorder
  • Unbeatable price
  • Auto saving every 5 seconds
  • Long battery life
  • Not for a professional use

2. Aiworth – Digital Voice Recorder Pen

Having a voice recorder is great but when you have it built in pen then it is on another level. Airworth came up to a great idea Airworth Spy Penand they made one of the most interesting voice recorders with great features.

First and absolutely most interesting thing is design. As you can see it is same as actual pen and although it is not standard voice recorder there is not lack of any bigger features that other devices can give you. It is great for students and people who do not want to be noticed to record someone’s speech and in that field is the best in this list.

Recording quality is 192 kbps which is just above standard of 128 kbps. These 192 kbps will surely deliver you great voice that can easily be transcript or listen even from this device. Yes, you can listen easily from this device too. This feature makes this recorder something like a MP3, right?

This device is really easy to use since there is only one button. Easier use allows voice activated recording so you do not need to worry to turn it on or off when speech starts or ends.

110 mAh rechargeable battery secures that this device can work through whole day easily. There are two versions of this pen 8/16 GB. With 16 GB of storage and 192 kbps recording mode you can hardly get out of storage no matter how “hard” user you are.

In overall this spy device recorder excellent and it can help you in various everyday situations because it looks exactly like a pen, and after all it is a pen. If we would be very picky than we could complain about few things such as voice quality but in range of 30 feet it will work perfectly but remember, closer is better. This device can be used by everybody but I highly recommend it for students and corporate people.
  • Definition of spy voice recorder
  • Voice activated
  • Ballpoint pen
  • It automatically turns of when there is no voice and saves battery
  • User friendly device
  • It is harder to monitor sound files
  • Sound is not on the highest level but for everyday use is good

3. Sony ICD PX333- High Quality Recorder

If you are one of those who likes simple things but to be awesome in what they have than you might be interested in Sony ICD Sony ICD PX333 RecorderPX333. Sony is well known brand in voice recorder manufacturing and their products have great ratings and satisfying customer reviews.

Feature that puts this device on such high level is tremendous voice recording quality. This high quality Sony has been developing for years and embed in many devices. The most important part of this system is intelligent noise cut that secures and puts in focus human voice and all other unnecessary voices eliminates.

Huge display on front of device allows easy control and buttons are basic so nobody should have any kind of problems. This recorder is not rechargeable yet it uses 2 AAA batteries which provides pretty long life and they can easily be replaced. 4 GB of internal memory provides more than 1000 hours of recording time but if you need even more space you can easily add Micro SD.

There are few downside of this product that I found. Biggest downside is in simplicity of this recorder and it does not have any special functions. Truth to be told, it is great in what it does provide but I think it is not enough. Another consideration is a higher price when there are many recorders on the market with way more affordable price.

This device is recommended for people who wants high quality sound and high quality device and they are willing to pay for it.

This device is voice activated but it is a sort of hidden feature. If you want to enable it you should go to MENU and than look up for VOR which stands for Voice Operated Recording. Again, great recorder for people who are looking for quality.

  • High quality device
  • Sound is very clear and loud
  • Huge storage capacity
  • Easy monitoring on huge display
  • Strong case
  • Lack of special functions
  • Higher price

4. Yemenren- Undestroyable Triple Microphone Recorder

Having a strong product that can hardly be broken is always an advantage. Having a voice recorder that captures high qualityYemenren Triple Microphone sounds is huge advantage. But, when you have both of these in one recorder, well that is something superior.

Yamenren voice recorder offers great sound quality with its three microphones. It records sound in 1536 kbps quality which is more than enough for even the most demanding users. Microphones are located on the top of recorder and pointed in every directions so sounds can be incredibly realistic.

Design is a little bit awkward and some of the customers can complain on that. Although, it is very slim and comfortable in hand it is not too elegant. On the other hand, case is very strong and made out of metal which makes it almost undestroyable. Even better thing is, microphones are designed from metal that roundly shaped so it is even more protected.

Beside high quality voice this device has very quality software. Device is automatically turned of if there is not sound so it saves space. Other thing that saves a lot of space is separation of unnecessary voices yet only focus on someone’s speech.

If you buy this device you will not have to worry about space because there is 8 GB of built in storage which easily stores up to 576 hours of recordings. As an advanced part of this digital voice recorder shown battery, as well. Capacity of battery is 360 mAh which provides 15 hours of recording with one charge.

There are two things that puts this device on forth place although it can go even harder. First of them is awkward design. Well, in design is nothing wrong and everything works perfectly but many of customers might consider as non elegant device. Second downside is actually brand which is not quite popular and well known but they get’s some really awesome reviews.

One thing is for sure with this device, sound quality and device quality itself are on high level and price for them is very affordable.

  • Three microphones
  • High quality sound
  • Metal casing which provides long life
  • LCD screen for easy monitoring
  • Long battery life and huge storage
  • Great reviews
  • Unusual design
  • Brand is not well known

5. Dictopro Voice Activated Recorder

Dictopro is one of the best seller voice recorder and one of the most recommended. With nice design interesting features it Dictopro Digital Voice Recorderabsolutely deserves a spot on this list and here are few reasons why.

One of the most eye catching things of this device is design and huge LCD display. It is very slim and fits nicely in the pocket. Unlike the most of the other voice recorders this one has whitish design. Actually, it is made of aluminum which makes it very light yet very durable.

LCD display is something that is very unique and make life easier to every users. It is very easy to navigate through device and find all of your recordings. Device itself is similar to the MP4 and if you have been using one of them you will know what I am talking about.

There are two microphones which makes this recorder stereo. They offer more quality and realistic sound. Along these microphones is also dynamic noise reduction that filtrates necessary noises and provide clear sound. Range of this device is about 40 feet.

Downside of this device is a little bit in everything. In this competition is very hard to get in the highest position and lack of this device is being above average. Although, it is more than good, manufacturer could specialize and make outstanding one particular feature that will attract even more customers. In short words, you get what you pay for.

Battery can last somewhere about 10 hours with one charge. Memory capacity is 8 GB which provides up to 700 hours of recordings.

  • Lightweight and strong aluminum case
  • Slim design
  • Huge and visible LCD display
  • Very quality microphones
  • Voice activated recorder
  • Frequently sold
  • Takes time to set up
  • You have to save recordings every time

6. Dennov Newcomer Best Voice Recorder

Newcomer products are always exciting on the market no matter what are you buying. The best voice recorder when it comes toDennov best voice recorder newcomers is in my opinion this one from Dennov.

There are few things that catch my eye but thing that impressed me most is high quality microphones. There are two microphones which provide 1536 kbps sound quality and with dynamic noise reduction makes this voice recorder flawless in field of sound quality.

If you are one of those people who like slim and elegant design than this might be interesting for you. As you can see from the picture Dennov voice recorder is very slim and it fits perfectly both in hand and in the pocket. To make experience even better, case is not slippery even if you hold it for longer time.

Modern LCD display and easy to navigate buttons assures easier use for everyone. LCD display interface is similar to the phone interface so it attracts many customers.

In overall this device is more than good but it is still new on the market which might be considered as a downside. It surely needs to be tested a little bit more because it just came on the market. This is classic all-around recorder that is good in every field and attractive to a large number of customers.

Battery and memory are average as most of the devices. It can save up to 560 hours of recording and battery last about 9 hours which is approximately enough for intensively all day use.

  • Slim and elegant design
  • Non slippery metal case
  • Huge LCD display
  • Stereo voice recorder
  • High quality sound
  • New on the market
  • Dennov is not well known brand

7. Keychain Hidden Voice Recorder

We already had some very interesting design of spy voice recorders but I think that this will surely interest you because it is Keychain hidden voice recorderbuilt in keychain.

Design is very awkward but awkward in the good way because nobody can figure out that this is actually something else than an ordinary keychain. Some spy recorders have exposed microphone which can be bad if you want to secretly record someone’s speech but microphone of this recorder is very well hidden.

Beside great design thing that is really stunning about this recorder is long battery. Although, it is very small device manufacturer somehow put strong battery that can last even 20 hours of continuously recording which is way above average battery life.

Recording quality is 192 kbps which delivers pretty clear sound. Also, it is not hard to use this device since there are only 3 buttons. Because of the design there is lack of special functions but still there is voice activated recording which is one of the best features.

With interesting and spy design this device attracted many customers and they are satisfied with it but there are few weak sides in my opinion. I think that this device is not suitable for student and people who do not need to hide their recorder. This design limited manufacturer to make some functions even better like easier navigating and monitoring. One of the flaw is absence of volume control so we recommend you listening via PC.

I highly recommend using this voice recorder as a backup because it is easily accessible, always near you and most importantly no one can even suspect it is a voice recorder.

  • Hidden voice recorder
  • Long battery life
  • Strong metal case
  • Easy to use with 3 buttons
  • Voice activated option
  • Quality is not on the highest level
  • Hard to monitor process
  • Volume cannot be controlled

8. Voice Recorder Watch

If you want to have access to a voice recorder literally in every moment then this voice recorder watch is perfect solution forVoice Recorder Watch you. It is made for one purpose but it can help you in different ways.

Idea of putting quality microphones and making an ordinary watch spy gadget is great idea and that is the reason why this device attracts so many customers.

Design and functionality are on the high level in point of view of both fashion and voice recording. Watch quality is not as some branded but with slim design and nice wristband it can be used in many occasions. LCD display allows you easier navigating through you recordings.

Battery can last for a decent time up to 12 hours with one charge. Good thing is that charging is quicker and in 1.5 hours you are ready to go.

This voice recorder watch provides voice activated recording but each time when you want to use it you must enable it and that is explained in user manual in detail.

This device is another great addition to this list and it adds versatility to this whole article. I found this as a really good device but downside is that this is not type of the recorder you want to use for your personal recording. Yet it is a great as a spy recorder where does an excellent job. Quality of product is overall is good and it will provide you decent sound quality for great price.
  • Awesome spy gadget
  • Multiple functions and uses
  • Good quality
  • Pretty clear sound quality
  • Stereo voice recorder
  • Not for a use where you do not have to hide recorder
  • Wristband could been made with more quality materials

9. Yemenren Spy Audio Recorder

We already had an spy audio recorder from Yemenren and here is another their product. There are great features of this device Spy Audio Recorder by Yemenrenwhich we will discover right now.

First and the best thing is high quality microphones. There are 2 microphones so it makes this device a stereo voice recorder. Recording quality is 3072 kbps which is very high and it delivers very clear audio.

Thing that I really liked is simplicity. As you can see there is only one button on front of device so design looks very clean. On the left side are settled 4 buttons and most of the tasks are operated by them.

Case is pretty strong because it is made from aluminum and it can surely last long. Display is very visible whether you are using it in room or outside. Device does not have some feature that stand out from other product and it delivers everything what one regular user can expect.

In my opinion this device is great for customers who are looking for simplicity and standard features. There is not any huge flaw that can be noticed since it is pretty simple and it has limited functions. With this kind of rating this device might get a higher ranking but part of the reason for 9th place is because we already had a device from same manufacturer and we wanted to bring diversity to this article.

Price is really affordable and for this kind of money this device offers a great deal. Battery can last about 10 hours which is pretty much standard time and 8 GB of internal memory can store up to 576 hours of recordings.

  • Simple and user friendly design
  • Metal case
  • 3072 kbps voice quality
  • Visible display
  • Voice activated recorder
  • Lack of special functions
  • Similar to other voice recorders
  • Brand is not so popular

10. FlatLED USB Voice Recorder

Here we are, at the end of this list and for the final product we selected great spy device from FlatLED. It is USB Voice recorder which can help you in many occasions.

Primary function of this product is spy voice recording since it is very small and it has USB shape. This USB Voice Recordershape allows you anonymous recording no matter where are you located.

Sound is pretty clear since there are two microphones that allows you recording in range of 40 ft. Because of the design it is not easy to monitor your progress and recordings but small LED indicator shows when the microphone is ON or OFF,

There is only one button which allows you weather to start recording or save recording which is pretty simple to use. Unfortunately, this device does not support listening of your recordings so every time when you want to listen something you will need to connect it to your PC.

For those who are looking for spy voice recorder that can be around them all the time and record good quality sound than this device could perfectly suit. Otherwise, I do not recommend this product where is no need for secret recording. Quality is not on highest level but it definitely serve to purpose. It is easy to use and with this price many customers go and buy it because there is nothing to lose. This is great backup voice recorder for people who already own the voice recorder and they want to expand their gadget collection.

Battery provides around of 10 working hours and 8 GB of storage can save up to 150 hours of recording which is not too much. Overall this product is great for customers who are strictly looking for USB voice recorder or spy voice recorder.

  • USB spy device shape
  • Easy to use
  • Good quality voice
  • Easy to recharge
  • Unbeatable price
  • Quality of device could be better
  • Not for everyday use
  • It cannot play recordings

Buyer’s Guide

Among different products you can hardly go wrong with any of these recorders. Good thing is that they are very similar and most of them will provide decent sound quality and it is easy to use them. To choose the best voice recorder you need to figure out where are you going to use it most of the time and price you are willing to pay.

In my opinion buying an spy voice recorder is unnecessary if you are going to recorder your voice or you want to draw the maximum out of voice quality.

Price is very affordable for all of these device because it is very affordable and you can buy good recorder as low as 30 bucks. Of course price go higher but price very rare goes over 50 bucks. Check each model if you are interested in the price.

Now let’s dive deeper in most popular specifications of one recorder and explain them.

Average specifications of digital voice recorders

Voice qualityDesignDurabilityEasy to useVoice activated recording
Voice quality is one of the most important features that you want to be above average. Sound quality is measured in kbps and I recommend you minimum of 96 kbps, optimal 256 kbps. You can see that some of the recorders have even higher sound quality which is great but their recordings take more storage.

Beside bit rate another important feature is noise reduction (there are some unique names for this feature but their purpose is same) that filtrates all unnecessary voices and focus on speech of the speaker. 

I highly recommend you to find design that you like the most. If you like slim devices that fits nicely in the pocket then go for them, if you like bigger stronger devices than you should choose one of them. There are plenty of designs and I can surely say that everyone can find digital voice recorder that fits them.
If you have read our reviews than you probably noticed that some of the products are made from various metals so we have aluminum, plastic, rubber… Each of these are durable enough for regular user but if you have habit of dropping things often then I would recommend you aluminum¬† case because they are most durable. Anyway, there are other very durable products and we have already marked them in the review section.
This feature is very important when it come to satisfy the user of the recorder. For the easy use I highly recommend recorder with visible LCD display because it allows you to monitor everything you recorder and it allows you to easier control various functions. Be aware that spy recorder cannot have this because of the purpose.
This is my favorite feature because it makes your life easier and you will be aware of that only when you start to use it. You do not have to worry if you have started recording because device does it itself. Almost all of these products are voice activated recorders which was one of the must have features when we were creating the list.

NOTE: some of the devices has voice activated feature but it is tricky to find them so if you do not figure out how to activate it , do not worry everything has been described in detail in the user manual

Now when you have basic insight in functions of the digital voice recorders let’s check some of the frequently asked questions.


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